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I was under the impression that this organization is faith based and heritage, creed or religion does not matter but I was wrong.

The lynching mob style treatment I endured was unprecedented and something is new to me.

I profoundly come to realize that this Buddhist religious organization establishment in Bahamas ( sivananda Ashram Bahamas ) was hijacked by Israeli an off shore religious operation perhaps extorting money from tourist tax free and from the hard working American people.

The racial hate source toward Muslims is clearly manifestation of the Jewish sect and machination toward a faithful religion by far . I would exclude those that took Islam to extreme hate and committed acts of violence under believes that violence is a solution .

Having formed my opinion in this regard I would ask the justice department to investigate Sivananda Ashram Bahamas for the following reason|:

Is is a religious based group of tax shelter account for. The isreali's?

Is it a vacation paradise for the Israelis only?

We're there any other Arab Americans and other faith that has been exposed to such treatment?

Explore any other malicious agenda that this group have on promoting hate and Muslims machination?

CC: Nassau Police

US Embassy Bahamas

Justice Department

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This reviewer shared experience about "racism" and wants this business to issue a full refund. This person is overall dissatisfied with Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about sivanada ashram bahamas at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat was racist, filthy and scam Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Sivananda Bahamas is a cult praying on the weak minded indoctrinating fouls to be in their " David Koresh's ideologies"


What are you even talking about? You didn't explain what happened to you, or why you came to this crazy conclusion that Jews were trying to get you! You sound delusional and hateful yourself, do you realize this?

to Anonymous Westfield, New Jersey, United States #1152474

On March 15, 2016 I have scheduled a vacation to sivananda Bahamas yoga retreat from 04/04/2016 to 04/11/2016. Exhibit A

During my reservation I clearly requested single Garden room (see exhibit A)

The retreat is ran by young students without any supervision.

They are responsible for all day to day operations.

Upon my arrival surprisingly I was treated with sarcasm and rudeness not sure why.. My room was suppose to be ready by 3PM .

By 5 PM. I was assigned a room different than the room I reserved.

It was inside a bathroom stall used by all guests and students.

The stench from the bathroom was horrific and noise was horrible as I can hear and smell everything happening inside the three bathrooms stalls including ***, peeing singing, door slamming…It’s only few feet away from where I suppose to be sleeping a lining closet approximately 5 feet x 5 feet in length and width ( see exhibit B) pictures speak from themselves and bugs in my mattress. There was no explanation why I was assigned a room inside he bathroom stall. Later I found out the students running the retreat betting on making my life even more miserable just so they can crack jokes!!! Next morning, April 5, 2015 I discovered that about 50% the yoga retreat visitors and student has been quarantined to certain parts of the complex because the spread of viruses some left the quarantine and sat next to general population served and ate food directly from the kitchen, freely .The Retreat management failed to advise all visitors prior arrival in that they secure tourists revenues.

Had I been advised I would have changed my mind and cancelled my vacation. On April 6th I had contracted symptoms of the Virus, i.e. High fever at night coupled with soar throat, stomach cramps. I have advised the staff but no steps were taken.

Simply they try to hide the spread of the virus from the new comers to the retreat. On April 7th I stopped eating fearful of full blowing exposures of food contamination and virus. On April 8th I ate only salad from starbucks and peanut butter. On April 8th at the breakfast table I was exposed to hatred derogatory toward Muslims by a guest it happened to be from Israel and has strong hatred toward Muslim.

I was upset not only because I am Muslim by faith but because the comments was so hateful, some of her comments is to nuke all Muslims in Europe and Israel. April 8th: By midmorning almost all Israeli students and guests realized I was Muslim a clear manifestation after objecting to the derogatoriness toward Muslims by the Israeli guest women at the breakfast table. Subsequently I was approached by 4 Israeli student working at the retreat and guests investigating if I was really a Muslim initially they believed I was European in that I realized I put my self in a difficult position and since they became sarcastic and disrespectful and because they serve Lunch and dinner my food was compromised. I was served very little food in comparison to everyone else at the retreat and since I only eat salad I starved and became ill.

April 8th evening: One of the Israeli student that asked me If I was Muslim and compromised my meal for no reason assaulted me with a chair at a religious presentation for no reason . I was worried. April 9th, I was worried about my safety I wrote a letter to the retreat in hopes that they will step in and stop this madness but no one responded ( see exhibit C) April 9th, I was treated with sarcasm by the Israelis working at the retreat, yelled at for no reason and was giving salad ( less than a cup) comparing to everyone else . I had complained to the general manager swami Brahamanda and other supervisors also Israeli citizens but only made things worse.

The management had done nothing to protect me or accommodate me. I was frustrated did not know what to do. There is no flight back home on that day. By Evening two Israeli Men camped in front of the bathroom where my bedroom was, One was seating on a chair in the middle of the hall way and the other seating right next to my room I was being followed by these two individuals, I was scarred they could have killed me.

On April 10th I left the Retreat in hope to find a flight back home but no avail. I spent the day wondering the streets of Nassau Bahamas. I returned in the evening, the staff and the Israeli kids were surprised I came back and kept me under their radar. I was later approached by one of the staff and told that most students and guests that came to the retreat have a psychological issues and that’s the reason they were at the retreat.

I initially felt bad for them but later I was told it’s a lie. I felt in an eminent danger after the ashram staff and students realized I was Muslim. My experience was horrific and reached hunger stage. By the time I came back home I had lost 9 LBS.

I will never go back there again or recommended to anyone.

CC: Nassau Bahamas Police Dept.

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